Missing My Forehand Drive

It started in mid-November when I first noticed some pain in my right hand wrist whenever I hit a tennis forehand drive. I didn’t pay much attention to it, as I thought I just needed rest, and the pain would go away after a couple of weeks.

A couple of months later, the pain is still there though not as bad as before. However, I still cannot consistently hit a clear forehand drive, and I would have to resort to a weaker forehand slice just to avoid the slight pain in the wrist. 

Wondering why the pain wasn’t going away, I went to an orthopedic. They took x-rays of my wrists, and concluded nothing seriously wrong, i.e. the bones look fine. He believed I had a TFCC tear, and he just gave me a supply of cold compress to regularly apply to my wrist at least for the next couple of weeks.


I didn’t think it was that serious as I was still able to join a tennis tournament. I played against three guys for a total of three sets. However, because of the slight pain in my right wrist, I only hit one (!) forehand drive the whole evening. I had to resort to the forehand slice to return balls directed to my right side. Luckily, my serves and my slices were working just fine so I managed to beat the first guy 6-4. I was still able to give the second guy a strong challenge but by the end of the match, I started feeling the pain again, and it started affecting my previously unaffected serves as well.

Not good.

I lost the second match 5-7, and eventually quickly lost the third match 2-6. I then had a quick conversation with one of the coaches about my wrist. He pointed out he had the same tear a few years back, and his wrist still hasn’t healed completely until now. He had to change his grip and his strokes to compensate until he got used to it already. He recommended I get an MRI because x-rays would not be enough to identify the actual tear.

After that conversation, I began to think about it more seriously. I may have to take a rest from tennis to give it time to heal. I went back to the doctor and he gave me customized support for my wrist, in addition to the cold compress. I cancelled all my weekend tennis plans, and am now considering cancelling my weekly tennis class as well, at least until my wrist is fully healed.

I will be back, that’s for sure. Like my idol, Federer when he won the Australian Open 2017 after coming back from a six month break, I’m hoping to come back from this better and stronger.

Until then, I’ll be missing my forehand drive. 😦


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