Morning Fire Scare

This morning, while getting ready for work, I got a little scare from this alarm sound coming from the security intercom. It was later followed by the sound of sirens outside the building. Been living here almost ten years already, and this was the first time.

Fire in the building?

This wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear and see, especially the day after the London Glenfell blaze, seen all over the news. The wife was already out on her way to work so I was the only one in the room.

The first thing that came to mind where the things I needed to bring on the way down. Wallet and passport. Other than that, nothing really. It felt a little good to realize I didn’t really need anything else aside from those two. I updated my wife over the phone, and she reminded me to bring cash, the passports, and our marriage contract. Marriage contract? Then I quickly remembered a Philippine consul warning us the marriage contract was irreplaceable, and then, it made sense.

I put them all in my bag, and prepared to head downstairs. Coming from the upper floors, it would be a long and potentially risky descent. I would also have to pass by the 2nd floor, supposedly where the fire was. Luckily as I was about to enter the stair case, there was an update saying everything was under control and there was no more need to panic.


I went back to the room. Finished morning preparations and headed for work.

Everything back to normal.


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