Moriyama Naotaro’s "Sakura"

Moriyama Naotaro’s Sakura is a classic Japanese song that I associate heavily with the cherry blossoms season (“sakura” is Japanese for cherry blossoms) and with graduation ceremonies. It is definitely one of my favorite Japanese songs and when I see cherry blossoms, this is always the first song that comes to mind. Original Singer: Moriyama…

Yiruma – River Flows In You

Yiruma is a recent discovery while I was searching the internet for pianists who play relaxing music. Yiruma’s style reminds me of another famous pianist, David Lanz, in that their music are both relaxing and beautiful even without the overly complex piano routines. When I ran into Yiruma’s “River Flows in You”, I loved it immediately….

Cloud Atlas Theme (Sextet) using Yamaha P-255

The theme song from the Cloud Atlas movie, is one of my favorite piano pieces. It starts slow and relaxing but gradually picks up pace. I did some customizations to this version by adding some strings midway (thanks to the Yamaha P-255), and by returning to the slow and relaxing part after the crescendo. I…

Alexander Desplat – The Meadows

One of the things I am most grateful to my parents is for sending me to piano school when I was little. My brother and I together went to the same piano school for a couple of years during summer breaks. Kuya, being the more musically inclined of us two, ended up being better at…

Classic MTV

You know you’re getting old when… you watch “Classic MTV” and you know all the songs.

Kailan Cover

My first attempt at translating a Filipino song to Japanese. Feel free to correct my translation. I will learn from it.

Magic Mic Competition

Looks like Magic Mic is going to have some tough competition in the form of JoySound Wii due on December 18. I think the game comes with about a hundred pre-bundled Japanese songs but you can access 30,000 songs if you pay them a measly 300 yen for 24 hour unlimited access or up to…

My Musical Influences

A friend asked my who my musical influences were and I decided the answer to that question deserves a whole blog in itself.

Rapper Sensibilities

I always knew Eminem was a smart guy. He sings rap but he is not like other rappers, who only talk about drugs and sex and fuck and more drugs. He is a rapper who makes sense. So much sense.