Search for the creamy bokeh

My wife recently got the iPhone 7 Plus and one feature it had that my non-Plus iPhone didn’t have was the portrait camera mode, made possible by those dual lens at the back. Using this, the iPhone 7 Plus could take portrait shots that digitally blur the background, i.e. bokeh, making it look like it…

Sumida Fireworks 2016

You know it’s summer in Japan when there are fireworks almost every weekend. Last week it was the Adachi Fireworks, and this week, it’s the Sumida Fireworks. The good thing about Sumida is the fireworks are very close to the Tokyo Sky Tree. Here are some pics.

Azaleas of Minami-Senju

Not known to many people, but Minami-Senju is kind of a hidden gem, known among the locals and hobbyist photographers for azalea spring viewing. The blooms usually start after the sakura cherry blossoms season (mid-April), and last a couple of weeks until around the Japanese golden week (early-May). During this period, the sidewalks and the center…

Three Day Weekend in Kyushu

Last month during the three day weekend (March 19-21), my wife and I went on a trip to Kyushu, in particular in Fukuoka and Mount Aso in Kumamoto. Day One in Fukuoka Interestingly, the first thing people ask me when I tell them I am going to Fukuoka is, “What’s in Fukuoka?”. Aside from tonkotsu…

Yellow Tokyo

The other day, I took a day off from work to run some errands, getting my OEC from the Philippine embassy, and renewing my Japanese International Driver’s License, both in preparation for my visit to the Philippines. The weather was amazing with clear blue skies, so I decided to bring my trusty camera with me…

Blue Flowers of Ibaraki

While having lunch with friends from the office, one mentioned Hitachi Seaside Park (ひたち海浜公園) and how popular it is during spring time when the flowers are all blue. My wife and I have seen this place before during autumn, but considering how much she loves flowers, I figured it would also be good to take her…

Kyoto on a Weekend

Over the weekend, we went on an two day trip to Kyoto to re-live being tourists in Japan. It’s been years since I last visited this place and it is always a treat, especially since the weather was good and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom!

Where The Trains Park

Minamisenju is home to two rail terminals – the Hibiya Line Terminal and the Sumidagawa Freight Terminal.

Minamisenju on Flickr

There is a Minamisenju Flickr group that collects photos related to Minamisenju. It’s a small group of about 100 members and the people there are usually very generous with their comments… especially this one guy called “tradewinds”, who I think posts a comment on *every* picture added to the group.

Tilt-shifting Minamisenju

I’ve always been impressed with tilt-shift photography and here are my first attempts at cheating tilt-shift photography.