My Favorite Movies about Spirituality

The Matrix More than a movie about special effects and amazing action scenes, the Matrix is also a rather accurate interpretation of reality, as many philosophers and some reputable scientists believe.

Bigasan ni Rod

On September 18th, Mama will be starting a new business. She will be selling bigas at a small store she had built at my grandparent’s place.

Minamisenju Haircut

There are several places in Minamisenju where you can get a haircut. There’s Luft Hair in Bivi, Mignon in Branz Tower, and of course QB House (1,000 yen 10 minute haircut) in Lala Terrace.

The New Livre Keisei

Dropped by Lala Terrace this morning and I noticed Livre Keisei (リブレ京成) is now adding some more finishing touches in preparation for the grand re-opening tomorrow (September 7, 2011).

The Three Trains of Minamisenju

Minamisenju, though a relatively minor, mostly residential area, is lucky enough to have three train lines stopping at its station — JR’s Joban line, Tokyo Metro’s Hibiya line, and the Tsukuba Express.

Five Kilometers

I started a few weeks ago, jogging a kilometer or two on a treadmill. Then I started jogging a few kilometers outside, along the river (Sumida River). Then yesterday, as it was raining outside, I decided to go back to our building’s trusty gym and before I knew it — I finished my first 5…

From Tokyo to Minamisenju

Right now if you want to go from Tokyo to Minamisenju by train, all your options would require you to change trains at least once.

Blogging from BlogPress

I’ve just downloaded this iPhone app called ‘BlogPress’ and this would be my first blog post using it. It costs 250 yen and hopefully, it’s going to be worth it.

Jogging in Minamisenju

I’ve recently started jogging and hopefully this time I succeed in making it part of my daily routine.

Doctor Fish at Lala Terrace

Today, Lala Terrace had some visitors that were sure to “sweep you off your feet”… literally. Doctor Fish was in town and for 500 yen, you get to spend 5 minutes with these tiny cleaners.

Time Makes Happy

“Time Makes Happy” is the slogan of Minamisenju’s next new apartment building. I do not know exactly what they mean by that phrase but whatever that is, it should be good. I hope people who would be living there would spend their time there a lot being happy.