Living with the Apple Watch in Tokyo

After a couple of years trying very hard to stop myself from buying it, I finally gave in and got me an Apple Watch (Series 3 GPS + cellular version). I guess I cannot forever use my strategy of telling myself next year’s model is going to be better. It also helps believing the LTE…

Moneytree – Promising New Personal Budgeting App

On the way home from work, I chanced upon this article featuring how this small Tokyo startup is getting funding from big Japanese banks — Mizuho, MUFJ, and SMBC, not to mention Salesforce, which is one of the world’s largest technology companies. This is notable news in Japan because Japanese banks are notoriously risk-averse, and…

Too many symbol files

Just submitted my first Swift application to iTunes Connect. Xcode says it’s successful but after the build is automatically processed by iTunes Connect, I got an email from iTunes Connect saying I have “Too many symbol files”. Here’s the email I got from iTunes Connect. Dear developer, We have discovered one or more issues with…

Apple Flyover Map of Minami-Senju, Tokyo

Looks like Apple maps already has 3D flyover maps of Tokyo.  Not exactly sure when this was added but it’s good to know the city I live in now has this feature. See the picture below of Minami-Senju. It looks like a real picture taken from the sky, except when in the app, you can…

The iJeepney

Spotted roaming the streets of the Philippines … the iJeepney!

How long for Apple to approve apps

To give you some idea on how long Apple actually approves apps, I’ve posted here the schedule for 2 versions of my Message Scrambler app. One version went to “Waiting for Upload” state on March 1st, and went to “Ready for Sale” state on March 5th.

WiFi in Tokyo

I recently bought an iPod Touch and was excited at the idea of being able to connect it to the internet anywhere I can get a free WiFi connection.

Not So Mighty Mighty Mouse

Even though the reviews I’ve read about the Wireless Mighty Mouse were not so good, I still bought it and now, I’m beginning to see why I shouldn’t have.

Gadget Rundown

What better way to kickstart a personal technology blog than by listing all the gadgets that I currently have. I am not as geeky as I used to be but at I still have my fair share of tokyo gadgetry.