Defending Japanese Companies

Being surrounded by a lot of people who’ve never worked for a Japanese company, I find myself in a weird situation when people around me start raising negative stereotypes about them.

October 30, 2000

I was in Nagano Epson Dorm Room 206. Stephen was in Room 202 while Marlon was in Room 203. My photo archives are my treasure.

Ego Center

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Farewell, Kuya R

After at least three months with Kuya R, the time has come for him to leave Epson, go the Philippines, get married, move to the States, and start a new life. It is quite unfortunate that he had to go especially now that I’ve just moved to Kagoshima.

My Japanese Welcome Party

My initial idea about Japanese parties is that they are filled with beer, beer, raw fish and more beer. To a point, I’m right but after my welcome party here at ESD Kagoshima, I discovered that there is more to Japanese parties than beer, raw fish and more beer.

Seiko-Epson General Orientation

On Wednesday this week, we took part in this orientation offered by Seiko-Epson Corporation to all of its foreign employees and trainees. We, being foreign trainees, automatically qualify for this orientation.

Our First Japanese Party

Unlike the previous weeks, there were several important things that happened this week. For one thing, we received our allowance for the month of October last Friday. For another thing, we had our final exam in C++ last Wednesday.

On Internet and Emails

This week is like a continuation of the Windows programming lessons we had last week but I’m not going to talk about that. I’ve already done that last week. Rather, I’m going to talk about Internet-ing and Email-ing.

From Japan with Love

As in the previous week, there really is nothing very special about this week. It’s just like any other week of technical training here at the Murai office of Epson Software Development, Inc. Lectures, reports and quizzes in the morning and assignments in the afternoon. At night, we study for our exams the following day…

Week Before the Last Week in CKC

Some good things simply don’t last. Hmp. Next week will be our last week at the CKC. After which, we’ll be moving to the Hirooka Laboratory of Epson Software Development (ESD), Inc. Then on November, we’ll all be moving to our own laboratories, where we’ll be training until June of next year. Just recently, I…