US Open 2011: Federer vs Djokovic

It couldn’t get more exciting than this — the greatest of all time (GOAT) against the greatest at the moment.  The last time these two met was at the semifinals of the French Open and the GOAT won, giving Djokovic his first of only two losses this year. Advertisements

Tennis Lookalikes

Here’s a very funny video I found in YouTube. A lot of them really are lookalikes. The creator did a very good job in selecting the pictures.

My Tennis Profile

These past few weeks, I think I’m experiencing my Second Renaissance… in Tennis.

Nang Dahil sa Tennis

Nang dahil sa Tennis, nanatili ang aking timbang sa 65 kilo kahit na malakas pa rin akong kumain. Bago ako nagsimulang mag-tennis, umiikot ang timbang ko sa 70 hanggang 75 kilo. Sa aking taas na 171 cm, malapit na ang 65 sa aking computed ideal weight na 64 kilo.

Singles at Doubles

Sakto isang taon mula ngayon ay sumali ako sa Tennis Club nang aking kumpanya. Ngayon, adik na adik na ko sa Tennis at hindi ko na ma-imagine ang buhay ko kapag walang Tennis.