Moneytree Review

I have been using Moneytree for a couple of weeks now since I posted my first blog about it, and I believe I am ready to give my short review. Who Moneytree is for? This is for both Japanese and foreigners living in Japan, who want to manage their personal finances including expenses, on their…

Moneytree – Promising New Personal Budgeting App

On the way home from work, I chanced upon this article featuring how this small Tokyo startup is getting funding from big Japanese banks — Mizuho, MUFJ, and SMBC, not to mention Salesforce, which is one of the world’s largest technology companies. This is notable news in Japan because Japanese banks are notoriously risk-averse, and…

Return of the Super Yen

Just how strong is the yen right now? It’s so strong it’s cheaper to buy a book from Amazon US than from Amazon Japan!

State of the Mutual Fund

After much hesitation, I decided to check the status of my mutual funds and see how it has been performing so far. I’ve been making regular monthly contributions for almost two years now.

Rico Learns to Forex

Ten days ago, I opened a test account with a popular American Forex broker. They initially gave me $50,000 to play with and using this fake amount, I was able to practice buying and selling currencies in real-time using their software.

Midnight Black Account

I just sent my application for a Shinsei Bank account and I must say, the hardest part in filling up the application form was choosing the color of the bank card. They have 32 colors including Big Sky, Orange Juice and Cherry Blossom.

Ang Yen Laban Sa Piso

Kumuha ako ng data mula sa Oanda at ito ang nagawa ko… ang pagkukumpara ng Japanese Yen sa Philippine Peso mula nung unang dumating ako sa Japan nuong June 19, 2000 hanggang ngayon, April 2, 2006.