Minamisenju on Flickr

There is a Minamisenju Flickr group that collects photos related to Minamisenju. It’s a small group of about 100 members and the people there are usually very generous with their comments… especially this one guy called “tradewinds”, who I think posts a comment on *every* picture added to the group.

Tilt-shifting Minamisenju

I’ve always been impressed with tilt-shift photography and here are my first attempts at cheating tilt-shift photography.

Flickr Yearender

According to Flickr, these are my most popular pics from the previous two years. I am not really sure about the criteria they use to determine this ranking but their explanation says “This is a view of your 75 most popular bits, ordered by interestingness. ”

I Have A Dream

I have a dream that one day, when foreigners think about Metro Manila, they do not think of the slums that are forever the image shown by international TV, but of this beautiful skyline that is perhaps one of the best in the world. I have a dream.

Playing with Apertures

I’ve been re-exploring my interest in playing with apertures. I’ve even activated my flickr account to host my favorite shots.