Search for Honshu Peak

For my March vacation, I originally thought of flying away from all the coldness of Tokyo to a place warm and exotic like Vietnam, Laos, and/or Cambodia.

Five Years Ago

Five years ago, I was 25, working at Epson in Kagoshima. Hang out mostly with my Japanese friends…

Amazing Kagoshima

I didn’t visit any of the city’s famous tourist spots. I didn’t bathe in any of the city’s many popular onsens. I didn’t even party in the city’s many bars and izakayas.

Flying Back To Kagoshima

I’m flying back to Kagoshima. Not for good though. I’ll just be there for four days. I already have my plane and hotel reservations. The only thing left for me to do is to get the necessary days off from work and maybe get some Tokyo omiyage for my Kagoshima friends. I miss those people.

Professional Soft Darts Player

My friend, who owns a darts bar in Kagoshima, is now a Professional Soft Darts Player! He’s one of only four from Kagoshima prefecture and is the only non-Japanese professional player in Japan! He’s Filipino! Cool!

Oh Tokyo! My Tokyo!

Just to show you how much my life has changed after moving to Tokyo, let me just add comments to my list of things I like about Kagoshima in another blog. Disclaimer: This is just based on 5 weeks of living in Tokyo and may change the longer I stay here.

Oh Kagoshima! My Kagoshima!

Kagoshima City is a minor Japanese city and is virtually unknown outside of Japan. It is tiny compared to Tokyo or Osaka and for most Japanese, it is just a small touristy city with near-tropical weather, a very active volcano on the side, and home to some of the more popular natural hotsprings in the…

Affinity for the Sun

In Kagoshima, I can say I have developed this affinity for the sun. I have learned to “rediscover” the sun, which a lot of people just take for granted.

Sailing the High Seas

I am not what you might consider a hardcore mountaineer slash adventurer, who’d stop at nothing to climb the highest mountains and sail the highest seas but what do you expect? I’m supposed to be a computer scientist.

When Kagoshima met Beppu

This weekend marks the weekend when Kagoshima (T and yours truly) met Beppu (S, L, among others). It’s my first time in Beppu and after that weekend, I don’t think it’s going to be the last.

A Day in the Life of Rico

This week, I would like to talk about my life here in Kagoshima. I am going to talk about small details that may seem trivial to some, but is very interesting for me. These would include, among others, my apartment, my way to and from the office and even the food I eat. This way,…

Biking Around the City

One day, a friend, J, asked me if I wanted to go biking around the city. Being the newcomer and all, of course I said yes. What better way to explore the city than with a bike accompanied with a friend who knows all it’s best places. So this weekend, I’m going to bike around…