Azaleas of Minami-Senju

Not known to many people, but Minami-Senju is kind of a hidden gem, known among the locals and hobbyist photographers for azalea spring viewing. The blooms usually start after the sakura cherry blossoms season (mid-April), and last a couple of weeks until around the Japanese golden week (early-May). During this period, the sidewalks and the center…

Apple Flyover Map of Minami-Senju, Tokyo

Looks like Apple maps already has 3D flyover maps of Tokyo.  Not exactly sure when this was added but it’s good to know the city I live in now has this feature. See the picture below of Minami-Senju. It looks like a real picture taken from the sky, except when in the app, you can…

Minami-Senju Primer

This is how the area near Minami-Senju station would look like from Apple Maps.

JR and the Tax Increase from 5% to 8%

JR has started covering the old prices posted near the ticket area, I guess in preparation for the new prices once the tax increases from 5% to 8% starting on April 2014.

Minami-Senju West Gate

The West Gate of Minami-Senju station has seen massive changes since I moved  here about half a decade ago.

Karting Place in Tokyo

Not very many people are aware but we do have a Karting place in Tokyo, albeit a little to the north east of Tokyo, but still within the 23 wards. The place is called City Kart. My friends and I have tried this place once and it’s lots of fun. It’s outdoors so be wary of…

Where The Trains Park

Minamisenju is home to two rail terminals – the Hibiya Line Terminal and the Sumidagawa Freight Terminal.

Minamisenju Haircut

There are several places in Minamisenju where you can get a haircut. There’s Luft Hair in Bivi, Mignon in Branz Tower, and of course QB House (1,000 yen 10 minute haircut) in Lala Terrace.

The New Livre Keisei

Dropped by Lala Terrace this morning and I noticed Livre Keisei (リブレ京成) is now adding some more finishing touches in preparation for the grand re-opening tomorrow (September 7, 2011).

The Three Trains of Minamisenju

Minamisenju, though a relatively minor, mostly residential area, is lucky enough to have three train lines stopping at its station — JR’s Joban line, Tokyo Metro’s Hibiya line, and the Tsukuba Express.

From Tokyo to Minamisenju

Right now if you want to go from Tokyo to Minamisenju by train, all your options would require you to change trains at least once.