Two Month Cycles at Cesame

Starting this April, Cesame Tennis School in Mukojima (セサミテニススクール向島) shortened their cycles from three months to just two months. There are no changes to the total number of classes per year, so doesn’t affect me much. Only impact I guess is that if ever I do miss a class and need to reschedule, my options…

Cesame Tennis School Mukoujima

I enrolled at Cesame Tennis School in Mukoujima last January hoping to practice my shots, as I had plans to join a small tennis tournament in March. The tournament was eventually postponed because of rain, but it’s ok. I’m glad I enrolled and I’m glad i can practice my shots every week with professional guidance.

Farewell, my VIP!

We’ve been together for more than a year now. My weekends were never complete without my regular visits to your most welcoming doors. All the laughter and the sweat we shared together, I’ll never forget.


I was hoping I’d get promoted from Intermediate class to Upper-Intermediate class but unfortunately, I’m not. Nobody in my class was.

Ending the Year Right

I won two of them! These are the trophies VIP TOP Tennis School give away to the winners at a small and friendly intra-class competition for the last lesson for the year.