Sumida Fireworks 2016

You know it’s summer in Japan when there are fireworks almost every weekend. Last week it was the Adachi Fireworks, and this week, it’s the Sumida Fireworks. The good thing about Sumida is the fireworks are very close to the Tokyo Sky Tree. Here are some pics.

Sumida Fireworks from Minami-Senju

Not known to many people but Minami-Senju also has great views of the Sumida Fireworks. People flock to the riverside to reserve spots from early in the morning. There are also several high-rise residential buildings that offer a clear view of the fireworks, with the Tokyo Sky Tree by its side. For this year, we…

Jet Skiing at Sumida River

One sunny Tuesday morning, I was walking along the riverbanks of Shioiri Park (汐入公園) and I chanced upon this jet skier enjoying the beautiful morning at Sumida River.

Jogging in Minamisenju

I’ve recently started jogging and hopefully this time I succeed in making it part of my daily routine.

Shinkawa Blue Skies

On this bright sunny Saturday morning, I visited all nine (!) bridges connecting Shinkawa to the rest of Tokyo. It’s a good excuse for an exercise and is also a good way of exploring the neighborhood.