Dell Sucks

I’ve always loved Dell… until now.

I ordered my laptop last August 2nd and back then, the expected date of delivery was first week of September. The other day, they sent me an email saying it may further be delayed.

Fuck that!

Yesterday, I canceled my order.


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  1. sugeina says:

    so, back to waiting for leopard?me, i’m waiting for a 12″ macbook with leopard.


  2. the flavor of the moment for me is the 20″ imac with leopard. 🙂


  3. Alfred says:

    now that Dell is loaded with M$ Vista… it is something i need to stay away from… hehehe…here’s something from a “Mac Convert”


  4. Anonymous says:

    Received a new Vostro desktop. After 2hrs and 14min with tech support they said I had a bad motherboard. 5 days later service guy arrives with new board. Guess what……it’s defective too. He orders a new tower. Got it yesterday. This machine won’t recognize the keyboard and the disc-drive door won’t open even after tech support help. JUNK!!!!


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