Missing My Forehand Drive

It started in mid-November when I first noticed some pain in my right hand wrist whenever I hit a tennis forehand drive. I didn’t pay much attention to it, as I thought I just needed rest, and the pain would go away after a couple of weeks. A couple of months later, the pain is…

Birthplace of Tennis in Japan

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to play tennis at Yamate Park in Yokohama. The Meetup organizer named the event “Playing tennis at the first place of tennis in Japan,” so it was more than enough to attract my attention, and make me take that 1.5 hour train ride from where I live, just…

Chuo-ku Tennis Association

The Chuo-ku Tennis Association is an association of people who play tennis and either work or live in Chuo-ku. I became a member of the Chuo-ku Tennis Association a few years ago to be able to join tournaments hosted by the association. They usually have singles, doubles, and mixed tournaments at the Ariake Tennis Forest…

Joining a Beginner’s Singles Tournament at School

Most schools in Japan do hold singles and/or doubles tournament once every few months. To make it easier for people to join, they also hold separate tournaments for beginners and for advanced players. As you can see from the poster below, they limit the participants from “fresh” to “casual” players, at least based on the…

Wimbledon 2014 on NHK

For those wanting to watch Wimbledon 2014 in Japan, and who don’t have subscription to cable TV, you can still watch the Finals (both men and women) on NHK! Women’s Finals Kvitova vs Bouchard July 5 (Saturday) 10:15 PM (Japan time) onwards NHK G Men’s Finals Djokovic vs Federer July 6 (Sunday) 10:15 PM (Japan…

Two Month Cycles at Cesame

Starting this April, Cesame Tennis School in Mukojima (セサミテニススクール向島) shortened their cycles from three months to just two months. There are no changes to the total number of classes per year, so doesn’t affect me much. Only impact I guess is that if ever I do miss a class and need to reschedule, my options…

Cesame Tennis School Mukoujima

I enrolled at Cesame Tennis School in Mukoujima last January hoping to practice my shots, as I had plans to join a small tennis tournament in March. The tournament was eventually postponed because of rain, but it’s ok. I’m glad I enrolled and I’m glad i can practice my shots every week with professional guidance.

Doubles Tournament at Ariake Postponed

My partner and I were supposed to participate at this mixed doubles tournament at Ariake Tennis no Mori Park but unfortunately, it was cancelled because of the rains. Only seeded players can move on to the main draw scheduled next week.

86th Nikke All Japan Tennis Tournament

I just got an email from Ticket Pia announcing tickets are now available for the 86th Nikke All Japan Tennis Tournament. It will be held from November 5th to the 13th this year at the Ariake Tennis Forrest Park.

US Open 2011: Federer vs Djokovic

It couldn’t get more exciting than this — the greatest of all time (GOAT) against the greatest at the moment.  The last time these two met was at the semifinals of the French Open and the GOAT won, giving Djokovic his first of only two losses this year.