Breath of Fresh Air

The other day, I spent a good couple of hours removing our old living room ceiling fan, and replacing it with this new one. This is the WF060 ceiling fan from a Japanese company called Odelic. After installing it and turning it on for the first time, we realized immediately it is a million times…

Watching Pacquiao vs Bradley Match In Japan

On April 10th 11 AM Japan time (10 AM Philippine time). Pacquiao will fight his final match as a professional boxer. His opponent would be a familiar face, Timothy Bradley, with whom he has a 1 win 1 loss record. The question in the mind of most Filipinos in Tokyo would be where to watch…

Tax Free Counters and 220v Rice Cookers

The other day, I went to visit BicCamera in Yurakucho and saw this floor plan near the escalators. Notice anything weird? In the English and Chinese translations, you can clearly see two items highlighted in red – Tax Free Counter, and 220v Rice Cookers. Tax Free Counter, I would understand why tourists would be looking…

Tokyo’s Most Famous Sisig

Over the weekend, the Filipino community of Tokyo converged at Yoyogi Park to celebrate the yearly Philippine Festival in Tokyo. Advertised highlights of the festival were Manny Pacquiao, Jolina Magdangal, Marvin Agustin, among others. We didn’t see any of them so we just settled for the food and the refreshing Filipino fiesta atmosphere. We arrived around noontime just…

Shioiri Waterfront Festival 2014

Shioiri Park will be hosting the Shioiri Waterfront Festival on the 13th of October 2014. See the poster below. Should be a great way for families to spend a day off from work.

Minami-Senju Primer

This is how the area near Minami-Senju station would look like from Apple Maps.

Jet Skiing at Sumida River

One sunny Tuesday morning, I was walking along the riverbanks of Shioiri Park (汐入公園) and I chanced upon this jet skier enjoying the beautiful morning at Sumida River.

JR and the Tax Increase from 5% to 8%

JR has started covering the old prices posted near the ticket area, I guess in preparation for the new prices once the tax increases from 5% to 8% starting on April 2014.

Nishi-Matsuya Minami-Senju Opens on April 4

In what used to be the space occupied by Tsutaya, three new shops will be opening in April, and one of them already posted this big poster just outside what will be their shop. Nishi-Matsuya ( is opening their shop at Lala Terrace Minami-Senju on April 4, 2014.

No Starbucks in Minami-Senju Yet

Just saw a poster at Lala Terrace Minami-Senju announcing new shops that will open from April 2014. The old Tsutaya space is big enough to accommodate these three.

Minami-Senju West Gate

The West Gate of Minami-Senju station has seen massive changes since I moved  here about half a decade ago.

Starbucks at Lala Terrace Minami-Senju?

The Tsutaya shop at Lala Terrace Minami-Senju closed shop last month, and people are now making guesses as to which shops will occupy the big floor space Tsutaya once occupied.