Where I Stand Now Religion Wise

I have written several blogs about my beliefs, and you could see some of them if you actually search through this blog site. I am writing this blog now as a milestone to where I stand now religion wise, so that years from now, I can look back and see how I have evolved from…

Meditations of a former Atheist

Life sure is funny. Who would have thought I would eventually give up Atheism after being such a firm believer for 15 years?

Blogging For Ten Years!

Ten years ago in 1999, I was reading a compilation of short writings by Jose Rizal when I realized how powerful the written word can be. One hundred years after his death, people could still take a peek at his thoughts and his ideas. He was immortalized through his writings.

Meditations of an Atheist

Many people are actually surprised to learn that I am an atheist. They find it hard to believe that someone like me, who spent at least eleven years in a Catholic school run by nuns, raised by a family of believers including my brother, who is the choir head/conductor/organist in the local church, could eventually…