Tax Free Counters and 220v Rice Cookers

The other day, I went to visit BicCamera in Yurakucho and saw this floor plan near the escalators. Notice anything weird? In the English and Chinese translations, you can clearly see two items highlighted in red – Tax Free Counter, and 220v Rice Cookers. Tax Free Counter, I would understand why tourists would be looking…

WiFi in Tokyo

I recently bought an iPod Touch and was excited at the idea of being able to connect it to the internet anywhere I can get a free WiFi connection.

Not So Mighty Mighty Mouse

Even though the reviews I’ve read about the Wireless Mighty Mouse were not so good, I still bought it and now, I’m beginning to see why I shouldn’t have.

Gadget Rundown

What better way to kickstart a personal technology blog than by listing all the gadgets that I currently have. I am not as geeky as I used to be but at I still have my fair share of tokyo gadgetry.

Premini-II: Sulit ba?

Isang linggo na ang nakalipas pagkatapos kong palitan ang aking DoCoMo cellphone. Ang aking napiling pampalit sa aking lumang N504iS ay ang bago-bagong SO506i na mas kilala sa pangalang Premini-II na gawa ng Sony. Ito na bali ang pang-apat kong cellphone dito at ito po ang aking rebyu.

When the Trainees went to Tokyo

For three days starting October 7, we went on an adventurous and money-eating trip to Tokyo. On Saturday, we visited the land of milk and honey for all techno-freaks out there, Akihabara. On Sunday, we visited the magical world of Tokyo Disneyland and on Monday, we had an ocean adventure at the Yokohama Sea Paradise.