Visit From A Policeman

The other morning while I was home alone, I heard the apartment doorbell ringing and when I checked the security camera, I saw a policeman waiting outside the building. Normally, I do not answer the doorbell if I’m not expecting a visitor or a delivery, but seeing he was a policeman, I answered and let…

Yellow Tokyo

The other day, I took a day off from work to run some errands, getting my OEC from the Philippine embassy, and renewing my Japanese International Driver’s License, both in preparation for my visit to the Philippines. The weather was amazing with clear blue skies, so I decided to bring my trusty camera with me…

When Right Was Wrong

I was driving through the streets of Ginza on my way home. Following a white car, I turned right on a street that leads to Tokyo station. Then, there was a guy directing the white car, in front of me, to stop. Before I knew it, there was another guy directing my car to stop…

Expanded Seatbelt Law

The Japanese seatbelt law was updated last Sunday (June 1st) to also require back-seat passengers to wear seat belts! Violators will be given penalties.

Police All Around

The police are all around my building. Some guy from the upper floors is planning to jump and end his life. I can see it already — my building on tonight’s NHK News.

A Stranger Comes To Me

A stranger comes to me, showing me his badge. Asks me where I’m going. Roppongi. Asks me what I’m doing there. Work. Asks me for my passport. Alien Registration Card. Thank you.