Watching Pacquiao vs Bradley Match In Japan

On April 10th 11 AM Japan time (10 AM Philippine time). Pacquiao will fight his final match as a professional boxer. His opponent would be a familiar face, Timothy Bradley, with whom he has a 1 win 1 loss record. The question in the mind of most Filipinos in Tokyo would be where to watch…

Hypnosis, Beliefs, and Japanese Comedy

Just the other day over lunch, we had a quick random discussion which ended up with us talking about placebo affect, and the power of the human mind.

Classic MTV

You know you’re getting old when… you watch “Classic MTV” and you know all the songs.

Roland Garros Live

Don’t have Wowow channel to watch the French Open? Try this. This is what I’m using to watch the men’s semifinals and hopefully the finals as well.

Gaora and the WTA

Gaora seems to be showing more women’s tennis than men’s tennis. I get the feeling they have a special deal with the WTA and not with the ATP. Not that I’m complaining especially when they’re showing Sharapova or Ivanovic but once in a while, I would also like to watch the greatest player the world…

Feel It – BNP Paribas Masters

Another one of those Feel it ads. If the last one was “Feel the Ferocity”, this one is “Feel the Intensity”, “Feel the Power” and “Feel the Passion”. It was used last year at the BNP Paribas Masters in Paris. As always, so cool!

Feel It

This is the new ATP ad as part of it’s FEEL IT campaign. So cool!

Tenipuri OVA 18 and 19

Just found somebody sharing Prince of Tennis (Tenipuri) OVA 18 and 19 on the internet. It’s on YouTube from this channel.

Sopcast for Mac

Damn Sopcast. They don’t have a Mac version! I cannot watch the Australian Open Live! Damn Sopcast! Damn my Mac! With much hesitation, I am taking my old Vaio out of the box just to watch Sopcast.

"Ace o Nerae!" on TV Asahi Channel

“Ace o Nerae!” (エースをねらえ!), that Japanese TV Drama every tennis player in Japan should watch, is now showing on TV Asahi Channel. I think it airs every Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM to around 8:50 PM. I missed the first time it was aired on TV so now, I’m a little excited.