Joanna of Vienna

We Filipinos are very good in recognizing other Filipinos wherever we are in the world. We know it immediately even without saying or hearing a word. We can tell by the way we smile, or the way we make eye contact. We just know. And once we make a positive identification, a simple “kumusta po?”…

Sold my iMac for 29K yen

I’ve had my iMac for more than 6 years now, and after discussions with my wife, we decided it’s time to get a new one. Now the question is, what to do with the old iMac. Send it home The first thing to come to mind is to send it back to the Philippines. For…

Cannot Connect to

Last time I went to the Philippine embassy to get my OEC, I was given this sheet containing a link to ““. The lady advised me to start using this website as the embassy will soon stop processing manual applications and everything will be done online. Problem is, it seems I cannot connect to the…

OEC, Privacy and MTEC

Today, I went to the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo to get the OEC for my wife and myself. This process is straightforward, and is much much preferred than getting my OEC while in the Philippines, as any OFW can confirm.

Defending Japanese Companies

Being surrounded by a lot of people who’ve never worked for a Japanese company, I find myself in a weird situation when people around me start raising negative stereotypes about them.

A Stranger Comes To Me

A stranger comes to me, showing me his badge. Asks me where I’m going. Roppongi. Asks me what I’m doing there. Work. Asks me for my passport. Alien Registration Card. Thank you.

Da Good & Da Bad

Nagbabakasyon ako ngayon sa Pilipinas at tulad ng maraming balik-bayan at balik-manggagawa, hindi namin mapigilang mapansin ang mga pagbabago sa Pilipinas mula nung huli kaming bumalik dito.

Ang Pagpapa-renew ng Pasaporte

Marahil ay marami sa inyo ang nangailangang magpa-renew ng inyong Pasaporte habang naninirahan dito sa Japan. Kung isa ka rito, malamang rin ay naranasan mo na ang naranasan kong kakulangan ng impormasyon ukol dito. Kinailangan ko talagang tanungin pa lahat ng kaibigan kong nanirahan o naninirahan sa Japan para sa kinaikailangang impormasyong para gawin ito.

Huwag Maniwala sa mga Baboy

Ang Artikulong ito ay isa sa aking mga reply sa usapan namin tungkol sa artikulo ni F. Sionil Jose na pinamagatang “Revolution and the University of the Philippines.” Yung mga quoted na bahagi ay sulat nang kaibigan kong si Natz.

Switching Filipino Driver’s License to Japanese License

Information Acquisition The first thing I did when I finalized my intention to get my driver’s license in Japan is to look for as many information as I can get from the Internet. Google is a very indispensable tool. Common Keywords were “Driving in Japan”, “Switching Overseas License”, among others. Everybody else should do the…