Migrated Blogs to use Google+ Comments

I’ve just migrated my blogs to use Google+ Comments to replace the legacy Blogger comments. Here is a short summary based on my few-days-experience:

New Blogger Templates

It’s about time Blogger updates it’s templates! For the longest time, WordPress has been the runaway winner in this regard but I think with the new Blogger templates, Blogger is giving WordPress a little run for their money.

My Favorite Social Networking Tool

I’ve tried a lot of social networking tools – Blogger, Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, and more recently,Twitter. They all have their unique features that allowed me to socialize and to network.

Blogger Update

After years of not playing with my blogger template, I decided to do so. I opted to use “Minima Dark” because it’s simple, it’s black and it’s easy to update the header picture, which I plan to update often.

Blogging For Ten Years!

Ten years ago in 1999, I was reading a compilation of short writings by Jose Rizal when I realized how powerful the written word can be. One hundred years after his death, people could still take a peek at his thoughts and his ideas. He was immortalized through his writings.

Introducing Pangan Thoughts

You win! I renamed my blog from “Writings of Enrico Pangan” to “Inside Rico”. You suggested I use “Pangan Thoughts” and you were supported my several of my other friends. It was indeed catchy and meaningful at the same time. You win, Jheric!

From Writings to "Inside Rico"

I’m changing the title of my main blog from “Writings of Enrico Pangan” to “Inside Rico”. I noticed my past few entries hardly have writings in them anyways.

Osaka Blogroll

Over the weekend, Meema and myself met up with some friends from Osaka. I realized some of them are also bloggers so I am taking this opportunity to do an Osaka (and Tokyo) Blogroll.

First Filipino Blogger

Could I possibly be the World’s First Filipino Blogger? My first “blog” date back as early as 1999 although back then, I just kept my articles in my website and called them “literary works”. Too bad I didn’t put dates so I can’t recall exactly when I wrote those articles. These articles were written well…