Where I Stand Now Religion Wise

I have written several blogs about my beliefs, and you could see some of them if you actually search through this blog site. I am writing this blog now as a milestone to where I stand now religion wise, so that years from now, I can look back and see how I have evolved from…

Our Creators And Our Creations

What if… we were created by our creators in their own image and likeness, just as we create characters in our computer games, in our own image and likeness? The phrase “as above, so below” makes a lot more sense if we think in this way.

The Urantia Book – Bible for the 20th Century?

Chanced upon the Urantia book while I was looking for a book about aliens and spirituality. It was published in 1955 by authors, who remain a mystery until now. There are groups who believe it was written by celestial beings, possibly similar to how some Christians believe the Bible was written by humans “inspired” by…

My Favorite Movies about Spirituality

The Matrix More than a movie about special effects and amazing action scenes, the Matrix is also a rather accurate interpretation of reality, as many philosophers and some reputable scientists believe.

Unifying Science and Religion

In our search for the truth, our ultimate goal should be to arrive at a Theory of Everything (ToE) — a theory that would unite and explain everything, from science to religion.

Meditations of a former Atheist

Life sure is funny. Who would have thought I would eventually give up Atheism after being such a firm believer for 15 years?

Meditations of an Atheist

Many people are actually surprised to learn that I am an atheist. They find it hard to believe that someone like me, who spent at least eleven years in a Catholic school run by nuns, raised by a family of believers including my brother, who is the choir head/conductor/organist in the local church, could eventually…

Japanese Mass

On Sunday this week, J and I went on to hear mass. Normally, when Filipinos in Japan hear mass, they attend the masses offered in English. However, things are different in Kagoshima. It’s either Filipinos attend masses offered in Japanese or they don’t hear mass altogether.