Transmission vs BitTorrent

On my Mac, I’ve been using the BitTorrent client for a while and noticed every time I start downloading anything, my internet connection crawls to a halt. This is maybe the reason why I lost interest in torrents and thought they are not worth the effort.

WiFi in Tokyo

I recently bought an iPod Touch and was excited at the idea of being able to connect it to the internet anywhere I can get a free WiFi connection.

Secrets of Magibon

Magibon is a *very* famous YouTuber, who does nothing but stare at her camera but still gets thousands and millions of viewers.

The Mobile Net

On one boring day, I wrote this article and sent it to my fellow trainees here in Japan. I modified it a bit to suit my journal.

On Internet and Emails

This week is like a continuation of the Windows programming lessons we had last week but I’m not going to talk about that. I’ve already done that last week. Rather, I’m going to talk about Internet-ing and Email-ing.