Morning Fire Scare

This morning, while getting ready for work, I got a little scare from this alarm sound coming from the security intercom. It was later followed by the sound of sirens outside the building. Been living here almost ten years already, and this was the first time. Not exactly what you want to hear and see…

Is my doctor ripping me off?

Is my Japanese doctor ripping me, and my insurance off? This is a question I started asking myself after a few months with this doctor. It started when the results of my yearly medical exams arrived, and they found an excessive level of CA19-9, a tumor marker. Imagine the shock not only from myself, but maybe…

Close Encounter of the C Kind

The results of my recent medical exams were out, and aside from the now usual “bad” cholesterol numbers, one particular number caught my attention, CA 19-9, an item under a section called “Tumor Markers.” Oh! The clinic marked it as “D1”, which essentially means I was in deep sh1t, and treatment was required. The doctor…

Playing The Blame Game

The other day, I was having this somewhat philosophical discussion with one of my managers and one question raised was “When a student fails a test, who should we blame?”

Where I Stand Now Religion Wise

I have written several blogs about my beliefs, and you could see some of them if you actually search through this blog site. I am writing this blog now as a milestone to where I stand now religion wise, so that years from now, I can look back and see how I have evolved from…

Our Creators And Our Creations

What if… we were created by our creators in their own image and likeness, just as we create characters in our computer games, in our own image and likeness? The phrase “as above, so below” makes a lot more sense if we think in this way.

Nefertiti’s Elongated Head

Nefertiti is one of the more interesting figures in Egyptian history. She may be the second most popular woman in Egyptian history, second only to Cleopatra. The image people most often associate with Nefertiti is probably this bust, now housed in the Neues Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Tribes, Civilizations, and UFOs

This is a video about a tribe, living deep in the Amazon jungle, who allegedly has not yet made contact with what we would refer to as our “modern” civilization. The guys who took this video brought in powerful zoom lenses, to minimize disturbance, by taking the videos from kilometers  above the forest. The tribesmen…

Hypnosis, Beliefs, and Japanese Comedy

Just the other day over lunch, we had a quick random discussion which ended up with us talking about placebo affect, and the power of the human mind.

Why Sunday Comes Before Monday

I was given the task to start a small office team party, by giving a two minute speech as to why “Sunday comes before Monday”. My initial reaction was … why do we need a speech? Why does the party organizer come up with such weird topics?

The Urantia Book – Bible for the 20th Century?

Chanced upon the Urantia book while I was looking for a book about aliens and spirituality. It was published in 1955 by authors, who remain a mystery until now. There are groups who believe it was written by celestial beings, possibly similar to how some Christians believe the Bible was written by humans “inspired” by…