My Tennis Profile

These past few weeks, I think I’m experiencing my Second Renaissance… in Tennis.

First Renaissance

The First Renaissance happened when I was in Kagoshima… when I graduated from being a casual play-once-in-a-while player into a play-eight-hours-a-week tennis addict. That was when I got rid of my cheap-ass Daiei shoes and super-sale beginner’s racket to buy the best tennis shoes and the best tennis rackets I knew would fit my play style.

I can seriously feel and confidently tell the difference between a cheap 3,000-yen racket and a top-of-the-line 35,000-yen racket. I still can’t do that in other sports like badminton and pingpong. When I play badminton, I still use my trusty 3,000-yen badminton racket.

Dark Ages

I moved to Tokyo. I seldom (almost never) played anymore. I play once in a while but I think I’ve plateaued as a player. I still was a tennis addict but my game was going nowhere. It didn’t help that it’s very hard to find a tennis court in Tokyo. I had to contend with watching tennis games and playing Wii Tennis.

Second Renaissance

I enrolled in Tennis school. I finally got some professional guidance. I realize I am quickly refining my shots. When I watch tennis games, I do not only look at the ball anymore, I look at the footwork of the players, too. I’m hitting the ball better and the ball is actually going where I want it to go.

Last Sunday, I tried using the Federer racket (Wilson K Six-One Tour 90) and I seriously felt I was ready to tame this notoriously hard-to-use racket. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to my two-year-old Wilson nCode Six-One 95.

Player Profile

If I were to become a tennis player, this would have been my profile.

Enrico Pangan (PHI)
Birthplace: Bulacan, Philippines
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 5’7″ (171 cm)
Weight: 160 lbs (73 kg)
Plays: Right-handed
Backhand: Single-handed
Play Style: All-Rounder
Best Shot: Forehand Volley
Coach: Egawa-san

Shoes: Adidas Barricade IV Gray/Orange
Racket: Wilson nCode Six-One 95
Clothing: Uniqlo

Someday, you will see this profile at the ATP site together with the likes of Federer and Nadal. Too bad I’m what you might call “too old” in tennis terms. Most professional tennis players would have retired already by the time they reach my age.

That’s my only regret, I should have started when I was six.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. grace says:

    I couldn’t agree more to the last line! My brother and sis who started playing at 6 are now enjoying scholarships bec of tennis. They tour many places every year for Palarong Pambansa representing our city. I would start my daughter early in tennis too as I love that game.


  2. Indeed. Kids should be made to play sports early on. Let them play any sports and let them choose the one they actually like.Too bad I was playing only harangang-taga, tagu-an and probinsyanong “futbol” when I was younger. They don’t give scholarships for those. 😉


  3. SUN JUN says:

    yup yup!although not so young anymore pwede pa rin mag champion so don’t give up! hehesa badminton, retirement age is older. women’s no. 2 player zhang ning is 32, i think, already. ^^i miss tennis as well … mahirap maghanap ng kalaro!


  4. sa tokyo rin mahirap maghanap ng kalaro. I enrolled in tennis school para laging may kalaro. hehe.


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