Press Release

UPDATE Feb3 11:30AM : It seems she deleted her blog site already. It’s a good thing I still have a copy of all her blogs for future reference. It’s a wonderful piece of literature.

Confusion is the root of all misunderstandings.

It seems a lot of my friends are confused because what they read in blogs/friendster is not consistent with what they know. To clear things up, here are the facts.

  • We broke up January 7, 2008.
  • We said our final goodbyes January 22, 2008.
  • I am not the “H” in her blogs.
  • I am not the “Honey” in her blogs and in her friendster page.
  • If she says she’s “In a Relationship”, she is not referring to me.
  • She claims she is a fiction writer.
  • Whatever she does with her life is none of my business anymore.

If there are things that are still unclear, get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

If you didn’t get that, call me.


14 Comments Add yours

  1. WOW! there should be no more doubts now …


  2. SUN JUN says:

    hang in there rics … WE LOVE U ^^


  3. hoop says:

    Ok, now I understand… Hang Tough Rico! … just believe that something good will come out of it…when my 6.5 year relationship ended I was in shambles… but after I got through it I found the woman of my dreams that I eventually married… happy as clams ever since…😀


  4. Torbik says:

    you’re a horse? hrmmm.


  5. The most painful part is that I believed her when she told me those blogs were just fictitious.Now I’m almost sure they started in the beginning of Autumn and she’s been playing until January.Bitch!


  6. jheric says:

    Relax!!! It’s your birthday!!! Happy birthday!!!


  7. hi rico, time heals all wounds (naks!). despite all your negative emotions now, believe that things will get better sooner =) parating na ang spring, another flower is bound to bloom 😉birthday mo din pala, belated happy birthday!!! kampay!-cille&trick


  8. tenk you! tenk you! hehehe. 😉


  9. what goes around comes around!happy birthday (belated)!


  10. MeemaX says:

    Naks dinelete yung blog? Naaliw na sana ako. The Most Eligible Bachelor in Tokyo deserves so much better.


  11. Rose says:

    i know you have the right attitude when it comes to facing problems. so, let me just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, instead.


  12. @charlotte: tenk you! tenk you!@meemax: oo nga no! ako na ulit ang most eligible bachelor in tokyo! hehe.@rose: tenk you! tenk you! ang approach ko sa problem solving? SDLC! Hehe.


  13. mmmm… I was actually shocked after reading this. Hang in there… and Happy Birthday!


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